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The size of the wallet of the middle class people has been cut short by the recession blues. Currently, there is less amount of disposable income available for the mass. In order to make the essential payments in due time, Credit card comes to our help.

SBI Credit Cards

Many banks provide credit cards with most of the cards offering many features. Banks like HDFC, Axis, HSBC, ICCI and State Bank of India are the most preferable one owing to their large range of benefits. State Bank of India offers a variety of cards under the name of SBI Card, which is a joint venture of State bank and GE Capital. Due to the rising need and demand for credit cards, the two companies agreed to introduce a credit card that will serve using the Indian currency of rupees. Hence, the birth of SBI credit cards.

SBI Credit Card: Makes Life Simple

SBI-Advantage-Plus-CardRight now among all other credit cards issuers the name of SBI credit cards is placed at the second place by having customer base of millions. The State Bank of India offers wide range of credit cards to its consumers so as to quench out their needs. Some of them include SBI Platinum NRI card, SBI Gold card, SBI Platinum card, SBI silver card and so on. SBI Maruti card and partnership card are designed in order to cater the desires and requirement of different customers. There are also basic credit cards that have low interest rates, no annual fees and perks. They also provide different types of services to their customers at regular intervals.

As per the Asia Trusted Brand 2008 and 2009 Survey, SBI card has been chosen India’s most trusted brand in Reader’s digest. There are about one million counters of SBI all over India from where you can draw out cash at any moment. SBI let their cardholders to use their card whichever part of the globe they may be traveling. In addition, they also offer several payment options which you can do around the globe as per your convenience.

How to Apply for a State Bank of India Credit Card?

  • Applying for an SBI credit card can be done online through its affiliate website, or directly with the bank in person at a branch.SBI Launches Online Credit Card Application Service-Click2Card
  • Visit the State Bank of India website and find the bank closest to you if you wish to apply for a card at local branch of their bank.
  • Go to the SBI branch you chose and request the teller to apply for a credit card. You will be required to discuss with a representative and fill in an application form. Make sure that you have a valid photo identification card. Be prepared to provide details about your address history, income and assets.
  • Now visit the SBI section of the India Credit Cards website as an option
  • Decide on the credit card product of your choice from the India Credit Cards website and click the “Apply Now” button.
  • Fill in the online SBI Credit Cards application fully, giving all the information such as full name, telephone number, address, residency status, birth date and employment information.

Once you are done with the registration process, you can indulge in 24/7 shopping. Further, you can receive enormous benefits from your credit card if you get the best deal as per your necessity.

In case you are approved, you will get a credit card through traditional mail within 30 days. If by any means you are denied, you will receive a letter clearing up the reasons behind this credit decision.

Protect Your SBI Credit Card!

As we all know, credit cards have become a necessary element in life but we should take precautionary measure so as to protect ourselves from the danger of losing it. You must keep your credit card in safe position and should keep the pin number of the card safely so that nobody can draw anything from it.

You should also be aware of the email scams that may generate all the information about the credit cards. Such type of situations is generally found and must be cautiously dealt with.

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